The new single by Brian Linne
Accompanied by Robert Kerrigan, Dave Kujat and Dave Taylor
Brian Linne: lead vocals and acoustic guitar
Robert Kerrigan: electric guitar, percussion, back-up vocals and bass guitar
Dave Kujat: piano, synthesizer and organ
Dave Taylor: drums, percussion, bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Robert Kerrigan: engineer, recorded at RAK studios
Steve Fallone: mastered by Sound Design Studio's New York, NY
Jody Parmann: artist and graphic designer


Walk-in down the road to happiness
Is nothing more than togetherness
Can you feel the love in me
It's all around me

Come on sing it everybody

Everyone struggles with a demon now and then
So grab my hand cause I'm your friend
I'll be there till the bitter-end

Now sing it with me just sing it

No one will know the kind of year I've had
I could make it sound oh so sad
For the weight of my cross was a lot to bare
But my friends were always there
For my cross we shared

Come on & sing it everybody just sing it

Walk-in down the road to happiness
Is nothing more than togetherness
It's in me
It's in you
It's in all of us
Embrace his grace my friend
For he'll be there till the bitter end

Come sing it everybody just sing it

Shared Cross CD Cover
Art Concept: Jody Parmann

Profits from the sale of this single will be donated to Catholic Social Services.

Since 1947, Catholic Social Services has provided professional counseling services in St. Clair County.

Catholic Social Services provides confidential support services throughout the family life cycle by helping people help themselves through direct service and advocacy, with full respect for human live from conception through death. Services are available to anyone regardless of age, race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin or income.

Our professional staff consists of licensed social workers and professional counselors who are available Monday through Friday with evening hours available to serve the needs of the community.

Located at:
2601 13th Street, Port Huron, MI 48060
Phone: 810.987.9100 or Fax: 810.987.9105