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The Weekend Spin on 10/22/2004 by Bill Chapin
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BrianBrian linne's long-in-the-making musical debut has a vibe straight out of the singer-songwriter's handbook.

BrianPerhaps it is Linne's Neil Diamond-like voice. Perhaps it is Dave Kujat's smooth saxophone solos, the type that turn up on Billy Joel's greatest hits. Perhaps it is the thick layers of vocal harmonies that recall early Yes and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

BrianLyrically, the songs on Uniqueness in Me reflect a faith full of humbleness and acceptance. While it features such straight-forward gospel songs as Let Your Love Reign Down on Me, it is not a typical Christian album. Never Mind Time is an energetic lament about aging. Little Spell is a ringing love song about a woman who is "a beacon in the night, a refuge of delight, she brings me my Bud Light."

BrianThe album's professional quality is enhanced by the musicians Linne recruited. In addition to Kujat -- well-known in the Blue Water Area as half of the duo Sax Appeal -- the band includes Dave Taylor of Rumblefish and Robert Kerrigan, formerly of The Creeps, who produced the CD at his home studio in Port Huron.

BrianUniqueness in Me currently is available at Music Station in Fort Gratiot and eventually online through CD Baby. In a few weeks, you'll be able to check out for more details.