A Message From Brian

I am a singer songwriter that believes I have a gift from God when it comes to music. All my life I have been writing music, however I never focused my energy in this direction. Partly because over the years the only thing I did was either to save me money or make me money. Music has just been a passionate hobby. I believe all human beings have gifts untapped and never developed because of responsibilities, the lack of vision, or work ethic to see it thru.

I have assembled some of the best and most creative musicians in the region. They feed off of each other musically and enjoy each others company. That's because I know for it to work they need to share similar core qualities.

First, none of us is bigger then the music we create. Second, we realize the skill each person brings to the table. Third, we are nice humble human beings that respect all people in our world. Let the music speak for itself. I believe it will carry us to heights few achieve. I can write prolific and timeless music based on rhythm primary, harmony and melody secondary and lyrics last, but makes a song timeless for all generations to come.