Uniqueness in me / lyrics


Here I am again today 
Working my time all away. 
It seems as though a month ago 
I was so happy loving you so. 
But now I cry as I see my heart dying away 

I close my eyes & drift in a land where no one stands...but me. 
It's a time of peace of mind recovering from the days gone by, 
days gone by, days gone by. 

I know now that for love to be 
I must see a love that's free. 
Giving all like a water fall 
For that stream will always be flowing, for eternity. 
But today I only see a stream of tears from my heart, dying away. 


I look in the mirror seeing a man old & gray, 
but all those years I never knew what I could do, 
but today's the day I beg you please come back with me. 
For all I know is you were the one the only one. 

Oh, my lady come back to me because I need you so much 
Not for the laundry & not for the meals, but to talk and walk with you. 
For what I miss is your companionship- 
O my lady oh-


There's nothing for sure in life, 
whether you deal in cards or roll some dice. 
So...I suggest you heed my advice 
& never lose sight of your valentine. 
For her eyes will shine like the stars of night. 
They will be your guiding light. 

She's the rain that quenches the soil. 
She's the sun rays that light up my world. 
She's the sustenance that carries me through life's turmoil. 

When she holds you tight, 
you better squeeze her with all your might. 
For...she needs to know everything's all right. 
For she sows the grains of love in my heart. 
So, we will never part, she's my guiding light. 


Please God, give those the strength to prove their love again 
so they will not be condemned for losing sight of their guiding light. 
For her eyes shine like the stars of night She sows the grain of love in My heart 

(Chorus, repeat two times) 




It's a moment in time when you take a seat to the rhythm & beat. 
Yet your curious on what they seek. 
Then she softly speaks to me. 
What will you have? 
The hands of time are forever etched in your mind. 

Like an angel that comes down from the sky, her silhouette catches my eye. 
As if I'm hypnotized, could it be her beautiful hair or her gazing stare. 
I'll never understand Michelle's spell on me. 
No-No-No-No, I'll never understand Michelle's spell on me 

She caresses my arm, smiles so bright. 
A beacon in the night, a refuge of delight. 
She brings me my Bud light, moves out of sight. 
Oh Michelle what a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful spell. 


Beauties like a drug; the more you see the more you need. 
I finally understand what we; what we truly-truly seek. 
Some think it's the alcohol, but that's not it at all. 
It's that sanctuary in our mind of that moment in time. 
When she softly speaks to me. 
Kindling a pleasant peace in me, to our own rhythm & oh, heartbeat. 
As if we are under a spell. 
I call it Michelle's little spell. 
Oh what a joy, joy, joy it is to tell. 

Last line end with repeat of: I'll never understand Michelle's spell on me.



I feel it, it's right behind me 
I try to keep it off my mind, 
but there is always someone to remind me. 
Some say it's wisdom. 
All I know is that it's gray, it's white, 
and I'm trying to avoid it with all my might. 
It starts in the morning with an ache in my foot, 
a pain in back, oh here we go again. 
Each step taken seems to be an uphill climb, 
even though it's life's downhill slide. 
I do all I can only to realize 

It's never mind time 
Never mind the hair dye 
Never mind the exercise 
Never mind the waistline 

I guess I should be glad I still got my mind 
because none of us will ever escape father time. 
Old man vanity still whispers in my ear 
I got to keep trying it's just another year. 
I say gray is not a bad color, 
but those facial time-lines & gray hair color, 
there for some other fella. 
Then I look in the mirror only to admit, 
I'm another year nearer to old man's insane vanity. 
From a young man's naive sanity. 










When God made you, all he could do was put all that was beautiful. 
To make a diamond of a jewel or should I say a woman like you. 

Your reflection is one of perfection. 
Such that I made A wonderful connection. 
From the real world to a surreal world. 
For I'm lost in your shine-a-peal girl. 

For once upon a time, I met a blue eyed princess. 
With ever enchanting smiles so bright, she takes me back in time. 
Back to the days of San Diego sunshine. 
Soft ocean Breeze's & gentle sunbeams. 
Sure do love my San Diego sunshine. 
Let the sunshine in, let the light on in, let the light touch the heart of my soul. 
Let the sunshine in, let the light on in, let the light touch the heart of my soul. 

For my little princess has a heart-warming gentleness, 
filled with a touching kindness. 
That's how I know when God made you, he put all that was beautiful. 
For a cold winters night, I think of my San Diego light, 
and there seems to be no better life. 
That's how I know when God made you, He put all that was beautiful. 
For a cold winters night, I think of my San Diego light, 
and there seems to be no better life. 




It started a long time ago, but I knew it was going to grow. 
As if it were out of my control. 
Years of life woven around my soul, like finely tailored clothes. 

It take years for people to come of age. 
To say one day, I am life and life is in me. 
The world that surrounds me, depends how far I can see... 
how far can I see? 
For my dreams are the sunrise, and my horizon is the journey. 
Till the world that I dream, becomes reality. 
That's the uniqueness in me, uniqueness in me. 

To struggle from within, has never been a sin. 
But those that are driven, have been given a special kind of rhythm. 
Some say it's a mental prison with a need to succeed. 
Then I think about the uniqueness in me. 

A shooting star at night, snowflakes by starlight. 
Colors that are black and white. 
So picturesque is the sight... a simple prism of light. 
Yet everything described is one of a kind, just like my mind. 
Then I realize the world that I see is unique just like me. 


This song is for those with dreams. 
When your world only screams, what you cannot be. 
Remember the uniqueness in me is a world that you can see, 
if only you believe. 
So open your eyes to tomorrow's sunrise and journey as far... 
as your eye...can see. 

Discovering your originality is a uniqueness that only you can see. 
For your dreams to be a reality



God please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.  
God please give me the courage to change the things that I can,  
but most of all Lord, give me the wisdom to know the difference.  

A baby born is new life & everyone is happy for you,  
but when someone dies no one knows why & everyone cries.  
Life & death, joy & sorrow are words that are one in the same.  

Life is feared by everyone because death is of the unknown;  
a mystery that can never be answered until you attain that state of being;  
of neither here nor there; just somewhere that only your soul will know.  

May you rest in peace my friend  
May you rest in peace my friend  
May you rest in peace my friend  

Sorrow is the pain felt by those who suffered the loss.  
A part of your heart is gone & all you have left is a memory.  
They are the selfish one's who want him in this life & no other.  
But, with time the pain will wither, like the flowers upon the grave.  

Joy is for the believer one who walks in the name of the lord.  
Bringing life to all that surrounds them as they walk from one door to the next.  
Leaving behind the shell of mortality for an eternal life  

(end with chorus repeating to fadeout)



To give what you've given me,  
is a treasure only stumbled upon.  
And, I can only thank God.  
For you've colored my life like no other,  
allowing me to see the flowers of my dreams  

So please, let your love reign down upon me.  
It lights up my eyes like rainbows in the sky.  
Heaven sent & brightens my heart,  
like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...  
I've always searched for, I've always searched for.  

Like the north star at night,  
you give me the light which guides me.  
Through times of confusion & some of life's disillusions.  
For you are the leading star in the story of my life.  


If I were a droplet in a pond,  
the ripple would be your love that surrounds.  
For no matter where I go your love is giving me strength  
& the need to share my life.  

(End with Chorus)



Life is an endless circle that always seems to be traveled.  
No one knows where there going or how long their gonna be.  
But one thing for sure my friend & that is, your travel will end.  
So, sing the words my Daddy always sung.  

Live for today & pray for tomorrow,  
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.  
Live for today & pray for tomorrow,  
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.  

The man works every day to raise his family.  
The more he makes the more it takes to live now-a-days.  
The fallacy is given up your precious time for another nickel & dime.  
I said for another nickel & dime.  


So many people today are looking for the key in life.  
That will open the door to their peace of mind.  
Some use alcohol, others use prescription drugs,  
and some even use the Lord of above to find themselves.  


The secret to life is the simple life.  
Living for today & praying for tomorrow.  
That at the end of the rainbow, the pot of gold soothes your soul.  
Just remember happiness starts from the heart,  
and your peace of mind will come with time.  




I wake up in the morning & you hand me a cup of coffee.  
You kiss me on the cheek & say what a great day.  
We look in each other's eyes & the unspoken word of love is shown with a big hug.  

To live with, to share with, to grow with, is the paradise discovered from the heart.  

Working every day our time seems to slip away.  
I cook the dinner & do the dishes because your day  
was the kind of day you would like to forget.  
We share some wine & before you know it, it's bedtime. We hug & kiss the night away.  


Five years later we have some children of our own.  
Oh how neat it is to see the love they have inside.  
The children hide nothing & they ask every little thing.  
Then we see their eyes. It's an image of ourselves.  
They are the ultimate reflection of our love.  


The children are older now.  
They think they know everything no matter what I tell them.  
They say I got to learn it on my own dad.  
I shrug my shoulders & the wisdom I hide from within, oh...how hard it is.  
Because they're good kids & they have a lot of heart.  
But I hope they learn what their mother & I have learned through the years.  
That no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do,  
your happiness is discovered from your heart.  


Now we are both old and gray and it's my 65th birthday.  
She bakes me a cake and says I love you.  
The tears begin to flow from my heart to my eyes.  
It's amazing the magic still comes alive.  

(Chorus: repeat twice)



There I was on this hill waiting for the sunrise.  
It came up all by itself showing its brightness and life-giving might.  
It seemed so powerful for all the life that needs it so.  
But, I could not help to see the lonely man inside of thee.  

Thank you for being my friend.  
Thank you for caring to send...  
Your love, your love, your love.  
You have touched my very soul, turning it to gold.  
Now you are on my mind all the time  

The lonely man that I could see was only me the sunrise.  
Walking each day all by myself never caring for anyone else.  
Then a seed came with the breeze and planted in my heart.  
It grew fast and it grew tall, then I knew it was love.  


Seasons change with every year, but neither seed nor soil feared.  
For they fulfilled their needs in life by opening each other’s minds.  
Now we are both on that hill waiting for the sunrise.  
Giving equally, so both can survive.  
As we take the two parts and make one heart, in love.  





Since the beginning of time, the winds have swirled the earth.  
No man has ever controlled it, and no man ever will.  
Sailing the winds of life with a strong rudder and heavy keel.  
In control, confident, living life with self-assured zeal.  
Then one day the winds of life begin to whirl with the power of a hurricane swirl.  
Human emotions are like the wind;  
you can't touch them, you can't see them, you can only feel them.  
How could you ever expect to control them?  
There as beautiful as a rose in bloom, or as ferocious as a typhoon.  
So the eye of the storm is where we move, looking for something to cling to.  
I see a light, a beautiful silhouette in my sight.  
Angel reaches out and grabs on tight.  
I begin to feel at ease within the light.  
But, the scars of time (pain and loneliness) were her winds in the night...  
Were her winds in the night.  
Together we quelled the sea's, sailing the winds with tranquility and ease.  
My hand began to release back into the stormy breeze.  
As I left the eye of the storm, I turned around thinking I would see forlorn.  
But, I believe a star was born.  
How beautiful was the angels form?  
Not on the outside (image), but from within (substance).  
Honesty, integrity, and a quiet love for all people.  
She waved and gently smiled only to say it will be alright.  
A tear appeared in my eye, for my heart I left behind.  
I must go now...the winds of life are calling me.  
For I realized a long time ago, that no matter where my heart goes,  
it's direction I must control on my own.  
Angel all I ask, is if I come back for my heart, for my heart, for my heart.  
Give what you want, what you can, or what you will...  
as a confident, as a friend, or as a lover.


Walk-in down the road to happiness 
Is nothing more than togetherness 
Can you feel the love in me 
It's all around me 

Come on sing it everybody 

Everyone struggles with a demon now and then 
So grab my hand cause I'm your friend 
I'll be there till the bitter end 

Now sing it with me just sing it 

No one will know the kind of year I've had 
I could make it sound oh so sad 
For the weight of my cross was a lot to bare 
But my friends were always there 
For my cross we shared 

Come on & sing it everybody just sing it 

Walk-in down the road to happiness 
Is nothing more than togetherness 
It's in me 
It's in you 
It's in all of us 
Embrace his grace my friend 
For he'll be there till the bitter end 

Come sing it everybody just sing it