Here I am again today
Working my time all away.
It seems as though a month ago
I was so happy loving you so.
But now I cry as I see my heart dying away
I close my eyes & drift in a land where no one stands...but me.
It's a time of piece of mind recovering from the days gone bye,
days gone bye, days gone bye.
I know now that for love to be
I must see a love that's free.
Giving all like a water fall
For that stream will always be flowing, for eternity.
But today I only see a stream of tears from my heart, dying away.
I look in the mirror seeing a man old & gray,
but all those years I never knew what I could do,
but today's the day I beg you please come back with me.
For all I know is you were the one the only one.
Oh my lady come back to me because I need you so much
Not for the laundry & not for the meals, but to talk and walk with you.
For what I miss is your companionship-
O my lady oh-