1. Guiding Light


There's nothing for sure in life,
whether you deal in cards or roll some dice.
So...I suggest you heed my advice
& never lose sight of your valentine.
For her eyes will shine like the stars of night.
They will be your guiding light.
She's the rain that quenches the soil.
She's the sun rays that light up my world.
She's the sustenance that carries me through life's turmoil.
When she holds you tight,
you better squeeze her with all your might.
For...she needs to know everything's all right.
For she sows the grains of love in my heart.
So, we will never part, she's my guiding light.
Please God, give those the strength to prove their love again
so they will not be condemned for losing sight of their guiding light.
For her eyes shine like the stars of night She sows the grain of love in My heart
(Chorus, repeat two times)