I feel it, it's right behind me
I try to keep it off my mind,
but there is always someone to remind me.
Some say it's wisdom.
All I know is that it's gray, it's white,
and I'm trying to avoid it with all my might.
It starts in the morning with an ache in my foot,
a pain in back, oh here we go again.
Each step taken seems to be an uphill climb,
even though it's life's downhill slide.
I do all I can only to realize
It's never mind time
Never mind the hair dye
Never mind the exercise
Never mind the waistline
I guess I should be glad I still got my mind
because none of us will ever escape father time.
Old man vanity still whispers in my ear
I got to keep trying it's just another year.
I say gray is not a bad color,
but those facial time-lines & gray hair color,
there for some other fella.
Then I look in the mirror only to admit,
I'm another year nearer to old man's insane vanity.
From a young man's naive sanity.