I wake up in the morning & you hand me a cup of coffee.
You kiss me on the cheek & say what a great day.
We look in each other's eyes & the unspoken word of love is shown with a big hug.
To live with, to share with, to grow with, is the paradise discovered from the heart.
Working every day our time seems to slip away.
I cook the dinner & do the dishes because your day
was the kind of day you would like to forget.
We share some wine & before you know it, it's bedtime. We hug & kiss the night away.
Five years later we have some children of our own.
Oh how neat it is to see the love they have inside.
The children hide nothing & they ask every little thing.
Then we see their eyes. It's an image of ourselves.
They are the ultimate reflection of our love.
The children are older now.
They think they know everything no matter what I tell them.
They say I got to learn it on my own dad.
I shrug my shoulders & the wisdom I hide from within, hard it is.
Because they're good kids & they have a lot of heart.
But I hope they learn what their mother & I have learned through the years.
That no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do,
your happiness is discovered from your heart.
Now we are both old and gray and it's my 65th birthday.
She bakes me a cake and says I love you.
The tears begin to flow from my heart to my eyes.
It's amazing the magic still comes alive.
(Chorus: repeat twice)