1. Thank You


There I was on this hill waiting for the sunrise.
It came up all by itself showing its brightness and life-giving might.
It seemed so powerful for all the life that needs it so.
But, I could not help to see the lonely man inside of thee.
Thank you for being my friend.
Thank you for caring to send...
Your love, your love, your love.
You have touched my very soul, turning it to gold.
Now you are on my mind all the time
The lonely man that I could see was only me the sunrise.
Walking each day all by myself never caring for anyone else.
Then a seed came with the breeze and planted in my heart.
It grew fast and it grew tall, then I knew it was love.
Seasons change with every year, but neither seed nor soil feared.
For they fulfilled their needs in life by opening each other’s minds.
Now we are both on that hill waiting for the sunrise.
Giving equally, so both can survive.
As we take the two parts and make one heart, in love.