It started a long time ago, but I knew it was going to grow.
As if it were out of my control.
Years of life woven around my soul, like finely tailored clothes.
It take years for people to come of age.
To say one day, I am life and life is in me.
The world that surrounds me, depends how far I can see...
how far can I see?
For my dreams are the sunrise, and my horizon is the journey.
Till the world that I dream, becomes reality.
That's the uniqueness in me, uniqueness in me.
To struggle from within, has never been a sin.
But those that are driven, have been given a special kind of rhythm.
Some say it's a mental prison with a need to succeed.
Then I think about the uniqueness in me.
A shooting star at night, snowflakes by starlight.
Colors that are black and white.
So picturesque is the sight... a simple prism of light.
Yet everything described is one of a kind, just like my mind.
Then I realize the world that I see is unique just like me.
This song is for those with dreams.
When your world only screams, what you cannot be.
Remember the uniqueness in me is a world that you can see,
if only you believe.
So open your eyes to tomorrow's sunrise and journey as far...
as your eye...can see.
Discovering your originality is a uniqueness that only you can see.
For your dreams to be a reality