Since the beginning of time, the winds have swirled the earth.
No man has ever controlled it, and no man ever will.
Sailing the winds of life with a strong rudder and heavy keel.
In control, confident, living life with self-assured zeal.
Then one day the winds of life begin to whirl with the power of a hurricane swirl.
Human emotions are like the wind;
you can't touch them, you can't see them, you can only feel them.
How could you ever expect to control them?
There as beautiful as a rose in bloom, or as ferocious as a typhoon.
So the eye of the storm is where we move, looking for something to cling to.
I see a light, a beautiful silhouette in my sight.
Angel reaches out and grabs on tight.
I begin to feel at ease within the light.
But, the scars of time (pain and loneliness) were her winds in the night...
Were her winds in the night.
Together we quelled the sea's, sailing the winds with tranquility and ease.
My hand began to release back into the stormy breeze.
As I left the eye of the storm, I turned around thinking I would see forlorn.
But, I believe a star was born.
How beautiful was the angels form?
Not on the outside (image), but from within (substance).
Honesty, integrity, and a quiet love for all people.
She waved and gently smiled only to say it will be alright.
A tear appeared in my eye, for my heart I left behind.
I must go now...the winds of life are calling me.
For I realized a long time ago, that no matter where my heart goes,
it's direction I must control on my own.
Angel all I ask, is if I come back for my heart, for my heart, for my heart.
Give what you want, what you can, or what you will...
as a confident, as a friend, or as a lover.